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Fiction Writing Prompts

These fiction writing prompts will engage your students in the writing process. The fun scenarios will give your kids plenty to think--and write--about. 

These prompts include words (in bold) from our seventh grade spelling list, so that students will also have some great practice with some challenging spelling words. 

Fiction Writing Prompts

Here's a screenshot of the printable page. You can also find the complete text below. 

Fiction Writing Prompts from www.spelling-words-well.com

Use the boldfaced words in your answers to these fiction writing prompts. 

A mean cloud, from our fiction writing prompts

1. Imagine the weather is your environment is very changeable. Describe a day in which this changeability greatly affects your life.

 2. Fabricate a story about a gossiping character who gets in trouble with his friends.   

3. Write a lengthy guarantee for an unusual item that’s being sold on an infomercial. 

Red raspberry, from our fiction writing prompts

4. Make up a new recipe for a raspberry sandwich. Tell how and when you would serve this new dish.        

5. You’re walking through the wilderness when you suddenly come across a volcano that’s about to erupt. Describe the scene and what you do next. 

6. You’ve entered the tournament of your dreams. What is it? Describe the tournament, and explain your performance.

Girl with a big suitcase, from our fiction writing prompts

7. Suppose that you’ve packed a large suitcase for a lengthy trip. When you arrive at the airport, you’re told to eliminate all unnecessary items. What items do you discard before traveling? What items do you keep?

8. Imagine that you have a collection of miniature items. What are they? Why did you start collecting them? What are your plans for this collection?

9. Who would be your most interesting companion on a long ocean voyage? Explain your choice and what happens on your trip. 

How to Use Writing Prompts

Hand holding a big pencil

Use writing prompts as a regular part of your language lessons. Here are some ideas for using the prompts listed above:

1) Post two of these writing prompts on Monday. Ask students to choose one to write about during their free time/homework time throughout the week. Tell them to turn in their complete written work by Friday. 

2) Or hand out the entire printable page. Ask students to pick a different prompt to write about every week for the next five weeks. Tell the students that the papers are due by the end of each week.

3) Read excerpts from some of the best compositions to the rest of the class. In this manner, students can hear good writing from their peers and learn to improve their own writing. 

More Writing Prompts

Student asleep at desk, with teacher holding an alarm clock over his head

High School Writing Prompts - Do you need a lot of sleep to be a good student? What happens when the absenteeism rate skyrockets? What do you say to your principal at graduation?  Your students will respond to prompts like these while practicing some difficult spelling words!

You may also be interested in this set of Expository Writing Prompts. 

Expository Writing Prompts

Expository Writing Prompts - New engaging expository prompts to help students reason, explain and make lists. These prompts also provide practice with some challenging 8th grade spelling words. 

You may also be interested in these non-fiction and fiction writing prompts for middle school students. 

Set #1 What is the best strategy for teaching your younger sibling to stay out of your bedroom? What would you miss most if you had no electricity for a week, and 10 more writing prompts for middle school

Middle school writing prompts from www.spelling-words-well.com

Set #2  Would you like to have an identical twin? Why or why not? When would it be advantageous to be late to school? When is perseverance required? Present these, and nine more terrific middle school writing prompts, to your students this week!


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