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High School Writing Prompts

These new high school writing prompts are sure to spark interest in even your most reluctant writers. These typical, and not-so-typical, high school scenarios will connect well with many high school students. Why not give them a try today?

High School Writing Prompts

Here's a peek at the printable page. The full text for these high school writing prompts also appears below for your convenience. 

The words in bold appear on our list of 10th grade spelling words. Encourage your students to use these words in their responses to the prompts.

Engaging high school writing prompts from www.spelling-words-well.com
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1. Suppose the rates of absenteeism have increased dramatically during the past month at your high school. In one paragraph, explain why this may have happened. Write a second paragraph with your solutions to this problem.

2. Fallacious rumors about your best friend have been spreading rapidly at your school. Write a paragraph explaining how you can encourage your friend at this time. Write another paragraph about how you hope to stop these rumors.  

3. Your graduation is a convivial event. What conversation will you have with your principal as s/he hands you the diploma?  

4. Make a list of at least five words that seem to be unpronounceable. Write the meaning and a sentence for each of your words. Also write the correct pronunciations. Then practice those words and say them correctly to a friend or teacher.

5. There was an eruption of ballyhoo after your high school principal made a special announcement. What was the announcement, and why did it create such an uproar?  

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6. Do you believe the corollary of good sleep habits in a teenager is good academic performance? Why or why not?

7. If you could have any sobriquet, what would you like it to be? Why?

8. It’s late at night and your little sister is surreptitiously creeping around the house. Why do you think she’s doing this? Do you think you should join her? Why or why not?

9. One recalcitrant student in your history class is making it difficult for everyone to learn. What can you do? 

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