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Third Grade Spelling & Fourth Grade Spelling Practice Ideas

Practicing third grade spelling words and fourth grade spelling words does not have to be boring. But it does need to happen! These ideas work well with second, third and fourth grade spelling students. Try some today, either at home or in the classroom.

Spelling Practice Ideas

#1 Fancy Letters

Spelling words written with fancy letters

Second, third and fourth graders love to experiment with fancy lettering.

Ask students to choose 5 spelling words and write them down the left-hand side of their paper using fun lettering of their own design.
(The only requirement is that it is readable!)

Then allow students to trade papers with each other. Students must write the spelling words that are on the paper they've received three times each, trying to copy the new lettering.

#2  Partner Practice


Ask students to write practice pages for each other using this pattern:

W  __ __ __                   W __ __ __ __
__  H  __ __                    __ H  __ __ __
__  __  A  __                    __ __ E  __ __
__  __  __  T                     __ __ __ R  __
                                             __ __ __ __ E

The first student makes a worksheet with five or six spelling words in this manner. A second student makes a similar page with five or six different spelling words. Students trade papers and fill in the blanks.

This activity is fun for students and very simple for you. Best of all, students are writing their spelling words again and again!

#3   Cut It Out!

Allow students to cut out their spelling words from old newspapers and magazines. They can look for the actual words, or cut out individual letters and paste them onto pieces of colored paper.

Cut out letters on display page

And Always...

    ... keep a file of all the ways you find that work well for your class. Your students will appreciate having a variety of ways to learn their spelling words.

Don't forget to share our ideas and yours with 
other teachers and parents!

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