5th Grade Spelling Bee Words

bee inside the letters SPELLINGAre you a teacher looking for some 5th grade spelling bee words to use in your next classroom competition? Or perhaps you're a parent or student trying to "study ahead" on some typical fifth grade spelling words. Either way, this list should help! 

We also have spelling bee lists for lots of other grades, too!

Printable version of 5th grade spelling bee words

state repay grasp few gold
soil shelter rising trail type
agreed constant forward daytime members
length melody exact include human
happily details paid music perhaps
permit rarely raise quietly single
notice pause solve puzzle trouble
understood women warn action yesterday
carefully captain enjoyment equation determine
different language mammal dessert favorite
express thoughtful surprise stomach pattern
pleasure probably numeral neither million
message section actor annual beginning
except laughter island inventor journey
suitcase squeeze southern receive protection
period possible president natural slippery
sweater syllable tornado sandal represent
shoulder separate business chocolate chemical
schedule necessary weight whisper weird
constitution ambulance successful scissors rehearse

Be sure to use the 5th grade spelling bee words in sentences, when necessary, when quizzing students. For instance, pause, should be clarified so it won't be confused with paws:  The officials decided to pause the game while they reviewed the last play.

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Spelling Bee Toolbox ebook coversFor lots more words, sentences, award certificates, rules, study helps and more, please look at our Spelling Bee Toolboxes, for grades 3-5 and 6-8. You'll find everything you need for a successful Bee in one eBook!

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Your students may also find these resources to be helpful:

All students benefit from having access to good dictionaries. See the ones I've chosen in this collection.

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