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2nd Grade Spelling Bee Words

2nd grade spelling bee word list

Try our list of 2nd grade spelling bee words for your next classroom competition. This handy list of 100 words is the foundation for a great spelling game. Just print the words and start the bee! 

bee surrounded by letters SPELLING

Many of the words come from our list of second grade spelling words. A few words at the beginning are from our list of  first  grade spelling words. The remaining words are more challenging. The words are generally arranged from easiest to most difficult.

Printable version of 2nd Grade Spelling Bee Words

        1.       bake

        2.       rip

        3.       bee

        4.       like

        5.       blue

        6.       brown

        7.       made

        8.       hope

        9.       many

      10.      some

      11.      rule

      12.      meet

      13.      nose

      14.      they

      15.      water

      16.      yellow

      17.      any

      18.      after

      19.      give

      20.      help

      21.      kind

      22.      again

      23.      slid

      24.      dress

      25.      put

      26.      air

      27.      another

      28.      nine

      29.      pool

      30.      bath

      31.      these

      32.      think

      33.      child

     34.     lion

 35.  must

 36.  sea

 37. seven

 38. too

 39. stamp

 40.  such

 41.  both

 42. yard

 43. bright

 44. wash

 45. upon

 46. write

 47. eight

 48. fight

 49. found

 50. across

 51. camping


 53. airplane

54. alone

55. already

 56. far

 57. awake

58. clown

 59. backpack

 60. joke

 61. later

 62. bean

 63. begin

 64. spring

 65. friend

 66. birthday

 67. bread

 68. fur

 69. fried

 70. chase

 71. counting

 72. number

 73. straw

 74. clothes

 75. delighted

 76. erase

 77. flights

 78. baseball

 79. scared

 80. steer

 81. surfing

 82. tooth

 83. paws

 84. tore

 85. third

 86. wire

 87. boiled

 88. recover

 89. sleet

 90. twelve

 91. tropical

 92. snail

 93. wren

 94. watchfully

 95. excitement

 96. daybreak

 97. spinach

 98. spaghetti

 99. straighten

 100. acceptable

Important Tips

You may wish to adjust our list for your specific group of students. Feel free to use additional easier words, or insert some more difficult ones.

1) Be sure to use our 2nd grade spelling bee words in sentences when quizzing students. This is important with every word, but especially as the words become hard. 

2) Be sure students understand what word you are asking them to spell. At the beginning of the spelling bee, tell students they can ask to have a word repeated. 

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More Resources for 2nd Grade Spelling Bee Words

second grade boy, writing in his notebook

Anytime you give elementary students spelling practice, you're helping them to prepare for spelling bees! See our entire line of second grade spelling resources, or take a peek at these two:

175 Second Grade Spelling Words  This word list a great resource for parents, teachers and students. Use these words for oral and written practice, for spelling games and worksheets.  Second grade spelling work begins here! If this list is too easy, try my 3rd and 4th grade lists. See the blue buttons on the left. 

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2nd Grade Vocabulary Words :  Challenge your 2nd grade students with a BIG list of 200 words to use in their speaking vocabularies. Soon, they will be reading and writing these words, too! An engaging graphic groups 100 of the words into these categories: Calendar, Animals, Science, Math, Foods, Homophone Sets, Adjectives, Verbs, People and Places. Find the complete list of words, along with teaching helps and extension activities here. 

Worksheets for 2nd grade Spelling Words Fun worksheets provide age-appropriate practice with 2nd grade spelling words. Word search puzzles with frequently misspelled words, fill-in stories, and many more to choose from. Try them all!

More  Spelling Bee Words & Helps

The Spelling Bee Toolbox eBooks

Need more words with sentences, rules, award certificates, and lots of organizational tips? Please consider purchasing our exclusive Spelling Bee Toolbox, for grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. Each one contains 600 grade-appropriate bee words, used in sentences, and all the resources you need for a successful spelling bee! Learn more.   

Visit my store to see more options for spelling bee word lists without all the extra resources. 

Spelling Mugs!  Reward your spelling bee winners or your hard-working spellers anytime with our own Spelling Words Well mugs!

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