First Grade Spelling Words

cat100 First Grade Spelling Words
 with Short Vowel Sounds

Here's a basic list of 100 spelling words for your first grader to study throughout the year.  This list contains only short vowel sounds, with some consonant blends. We've arranged the words in word families. black bat

Students also need to study words with 
long vowel sounds as well as words for colors, numbers, nouns and verbs. 

  Print this list of First Grade Spelling Words.

at bat cat sat that
an can ran man plan
ad dad had sad bad
ag bag rag tag brag
ap cap map tap slap
and land sand band hand
ed bed red fed sled
en hen men pen when
et pet jet get let
ell bell tell yell smell
est best nest rest test
id did hid lid kid
ig big dig pig wig
ill bill fill hill spill
in pin win thin spin
ip dip lip zip tip
it bit fit hit sit
ob job mob rob sob
og hog fog log frog
op pop hop top stop
ot hot lot not spot
ub cub rub tub club
ug bug dug hug rug
un fun bun run sun
ut but cut nut rut

first grader
Remember to present only a few  spelling words at a time at this level -- no more than 5-10 words a week. Provide lots of practice in many different formats
with new spelling words.

More Resources

We have lots more 1st grade spelling words here.  To help your 1st grader learn and practice important spelling words, try these resources:

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