Hidden Word Brain Teaser 

ostrich with its head in the sand

When you try this hidden word brain teaser, we hope you won't feel like putting your head in the sand!

Put your reasoning skills to the test -- along with some good guessing -- to uncover three hidden words. How long will it take you to solve all three?

Printable version of all three puzzles


Hidden Word Brain Teaser #1


1. The first letter is in ECHO but not NOISE.                           

2. The second letter is in ACTOR but not SCRIPT.                                  

3. The third letter is in BIRD and in BRAIN.                                            

4. The fourth letter is in CORN but not COB.                                        

5. The fifth letter is in NICE and in KIND.                                                         

6. The sixth letter is in EVENING but not MORNING.                          

7. The seventh letter is in TRAPEZE but not TIGHTROPE.  

8. The eighth letter is in LAKE but not STREAM.


Hidden Word Brain Teaser #2

cartoon guy snoring

1. The first letter is in ASLEEP but not AWAKE.                            

2. The second letter is in PEACH but not CHERRY.                    

3. The third letter is in UNCLE and in AUNT.                                  

4. The fourth letter is in TIGER but not JUNGLE.                           

5. The fifth letter is in SHIP and in SHORE.                                    

6. The sixth letter is in EARLY and in LATE.                                  

7. The seventh letter is in ARMY but not NAVY. 


Hidden Word Teaser #3

wind blowing

1. The first letter is in BREEZE but not BLOW.                               

2. The second letter is in SQUASH but not SPINACH.                     

3. The third letter is CUB but not BEAR.                                         

4. The fourth letter is in PITCH and in CATCH.                                

5. The fifth letter is in MOUTH and in CHEW.                               

6. The sixth letter is in LIPS and in KISS.                                        

7. The seventh letter is SPIN but not TOPS.   

8. The eighth letter is in VOICE but not VOCAL.       


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