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Homeschool Worksheets

Creative Writing Prompts

Our homeschool worksheets are thoughtfully created, with you in mind! Use these fun creative writing prompts for some fascinating responses from your home school students. Many of these are appropriate for a wide range of ages. 

Creative Writing Prompts

Here's a peek at the printable page. The full text also appears below for your convenience. 

Homeschool worksheets: Creative Writing Prompts especially for the homeschool student
Smiling boy, looking at a globe

1. If you could attend homeschool anywhere on the planet, where would it be? Why? How would this location affect your learning?

2. Imagine that you’ve just been told by your parents that your homeschool is ending. In fact, you’re going to attend a huge public school tomorrow. How do you feel? What questions do you have?

3. Suppose your usual teacher is unavailable to teach for a week. You are allowed to choose any adult that you know to be your teacher. Which adult would you choose? Why?

4. It’s “Backwards Day” at your homeschool. List three things that you would like to do backwards, and explain your choices. 

5. Suppose you’ve been given $100 to spend on your homeschool supplies. What would you like to buy? Why? Where would you buy it?

6. You’ve been assigned to teach any topic you like tomorrow for ten visiting friends. What would you most like to teach, and why?

7. Write a letter to your favorite scientist, thanking him/her for his/her contribution to the world. 

8. The answer to the bonus question on your science test is CROCODILE. What was the question? List at least six possibilities.

Red graduation cap and tassel

9. When your graduation day finally arrives, what will you be thinking about? What will you look forward to? What will you miss the most about homeschooling?                                                    

10. Suppose you become a famous writer someday. What homeschool experience best prepared you for this career? Be specific about what it was and how it prepared you.

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We have a wide assortment of writing prompts for kids of all ages. Check it out!

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