Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

orange leaf with words RAKE - RAKING

Use this simple back to school bulletin board idea to highlight important words for your students. It's a flexible idea that can be adapted to any content area you like!

Welcome Back to School Bulletin Board

Falling into Suffixes - Fall bulletin board


1. Use any simple background color and border.

2. Copy our patterns, or make your own, of simple, frequently-used classroom objects.

3. Label each object with related, grade appropriate words that will be useful in upcoming spelling, reading and writing lessons.

4. Change words and items from time to time.

5. Keep your display colorful and simple!

Variations: Use any content-area graphic with important related words. For example, use a large numeral with tricky number words written inside. Or use a microscope with science words.

We also have some fun back to school worksheets that provide great spelling practice and review. They're perfect for those first few days of class!

Other Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

fall bulletin board idea

Falling Into Suffixes - Here's an appealing, flexible display in which students add words with suffixes, prefixes, plurals, or just about any skill you want. Leaf and acorn patterns included.

Cornucopia Thanksgiving bulletin board

You may also be interested in our Cornucopia Thanksgiving bulletin board. It, too, is flexible and can be made mostly by your students. You just may be thankful you found it!

Winter Bulletin Boards

Snowman Winter Bulletin Board

After you've finished with fall bulletin board ideas, you'll need some winter bulletin boards! Ours are great  for early learners. Turn your  bulletin board into a word wall for almost any assortment of wintertime words! We also have a Penguin Winter Bulletin Board for all ages.

Christmas stocking bulletin board

Our Christmas bulletin boards also provide for student participation. Once again, there are many possible variations. One is bound to work for your classroom!

Learning All Year Long

Letter Lane - A phomenic awareness board game that features beginning consonant sounds. We have lots more Spelling Word games for all ages.

Wacky packages! - Find the spelling errors on these whimsical boxes.  One of our most popular pages!

package of frozen waffles with misspelled words

Spelling Brain Teasers with answers right on the website. We have lots more brain teasers. Some are easier, some are tougher

Spelling Bee Word Lists, Rules, Certificates and Lots More!

Troublesome homonyms Explained:  Here's lots of help with homonyms. If your/you’re ever to/too confused to use the correct homonym, print out this free, handy reference too!

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