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Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving bulletin boards. First, is my newest holiday display board for language learners. "Let's Talk Turkey" is a fun way to remind students that there are many interesting synonyms for the word talk.

Let's Talk Turkey

How many ways can your students list to say TALK? Or GOBBLE? Ask students to cut out LOTS of call-outs, fill them with suitable synonyms and add them to this colorful display. I've shown only a few here. Your kids should be able to list a lot more! 

Use my patterns for the turkey and some basic call-out shapes, or make your own to fit your individualized space. 

Lets Talk Turkey Thanksgiving Bulletin Board


1. Use a light colored background of yellow, beige, green or tan.

2. Trace or reproduce my turkey pattern, resizing as needed.

3. Ask students to brainstorm other verbs that mean the same, or almost the same as TALK  (or GOBBLE).  List them on the board. Direct students to choose one from the list and cross it off. Each child should make his/her own call-out to add to the display. Use my call-out patterns, or make free form ones of your own. 

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Variations

1. Using the same turkey, change the title to "I'm Feeling So..."  Ask students to fill the callouts with words to describe the emotions that a turkey might be feeling the day before Thanksgiving, when he's wondering if he may become someone's Thanksgiving dinner!  Words could include: worried, tense, fearful, distraught, sleepless, carefree, relaxed, calm, and many more. 

Turkey on a platter

2. Ask students to make a new display titled, What a DELICIOUS Feast! As a group, ask students to create a picture of a large Thanksgiving meal with many food shapes. On each food shape, each student should write a different synonym for the word DELICIOUS. Options include: yummy, tasty, appetizing, delectable, delightful, luscious, enticing, scrumptious, and many more. 

A Cornucopia of Adjectives

This engaging board can be used just about any time in the fall, in fact.  The image here shows one way you can make it. Keep reading below for some variations. This colorful display will be just right for your classroom!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards: Cornucopia of Adjectives  Patterns

Thanksgiving bulletin board idea: A Cornucopia of Ideas, from www.spelling-words-well.com


1. Use a light-colored plain background in pale yellow, orange, green, tan or white.

2. Trace our cornucopia pattern onto brown paper, resizing as necessary.

3. Ask students to cut out one of their favorite kinds of fall produce (or any fruit or vegetable) from construction paper.  They may use our patterns or make their own.

border of fruits and veggies

4. Instruct students to think of specific descriptive adjectives for their fruits and vegetables. (Examples: flavorful, succulent, juicy crunchy, versatile, etc.) They should write at least one of these adjectives on their shapes. They may also add stems, leaves, and other markings.

5. Students may add their shapes in and around the cornucopia, displaying a bounty of produce -- and adjectives!

6. Add a few colorful dried fall leaves around the edges for a border. Or ask students to cut leaves or other fall objects from construction paper. Use any complementary color for lettering, such as orange or brown.

More Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

cornucopia filled with plain ovals

Here are two variations on this Thanksgiving theme. You'll probably think of more.

A Cornucopia of Spelling Words  

A Cornucopia of Vocabulary Words

Ask students to write review words from the past few weeks, or brand new words, onto their fruit and veggie shapes, leaves or simple ovals, as shown.  For a math twist, try A Cornucopia of Math Facts!

Another Fall Bulletin Board Idea

fall bulletin board

You may also be interested in this fall bulletin board idea. It, too, is flexible and can be made mostly by your students. You just may "fall" in love with it! It can be adapted for "Falling into Suffixes," "Falling for Prefixes," "Falling Into Plurals," "Falling for Math Facts," and more!

Get the basic info, and then make it your own!

More Holiday Bulletin Boards

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Snowman Winter Bulletin Board

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