Phonics Coloring Pages

smiling sun wearing sunglassesPhonics coloring pages are the perfect resource for early learners! Whether you are looking for a fun learning tool for your own child, or for something your classroom, we think you'll like the pages on our site.  

The two printables here offer practice in the initial consonant sounds of  S and T.  On each page, children will name the items beginning with the featured letter, add another drawing, and color. What fun!

See the list at the bottom of the page for links to more phonics pages for practice with additional letters.

S-S-So Nice!

Printable Version of Both Phonics Coloring Pages
phonics coloring pages S

Possible answers include: sea, sun, sunglasses, sunscreen, sand, sand pail, shovel, seal, seashell, seat


Phonics Coloring Pages - T

Possible answers include: tent, table, tomatoes, tricycle, toad

More Phonics Worksheets

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Additional Phonics Resources

ABC Phonics Poem - A fun and funny way to learn about initial sounds! A poem your early learners are sure to love. Inspire them to write their own!

Phonics Flash Cards - A free printable set for the entire alphabet. We'll give you lots of ideas on using these flash cards as well as links to commercially-made card sets.

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