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Free Christmas Worksheets

Letter addressed to Santa Claus from Bobby

You're in the right place for some fun, free Christmas worksheets that your students will love. And while they're having fun, they'll also be gaining some valuable spelling practice.

Letter to Santa

Bobby has written a heartfelt letter to his pal, Santa, but he has used lots of misspellings! Pass out the printable version to your students, ask them to circle the spelling errors, and then have them rewrite the short letter.  (Full text also appears below.)

Letter to Santa - free Christmas worksheet

Printable Version

Here's the full text of Bobby's letter:

Deer Santa,

I’m  realy hopeing yule bring me a knew sled for Christmas becuase I want to go sleding with my freinds.  We have alot of fun togather.

Please be carefull on your deliverys. Stay safe.


Dear Santa,
I'm really hoping you'll bring me a new sled for Christmas because I want to go sledding with my friends. We have a lot of fun together.

Please be careful on your deliveries. Stay safe.


Using This Worksheet

You may choose to review these frequently misspelled elementary words before passing out this page. 

It may also be helpful to review common homonyms such as your/you're, new/knew and others. For a long list of homonyms with definitions and examples, please see this page

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> Letter to Santa

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