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Printable Christmas Brain Teasers


Here are two fun printable Christmas brain teasers for older students and adults. Please see my Cryptogram Basics below if you're not familiar with solving these fun puzzlers. Otherwise, let's get started!

Cryptogram #1 - Christmas Quotation

Christmas Cryptogram #1 is a famous holiday quotation. One of two printable Christmas brain teasers on this page.

A well-known Christmas song is the inspiration for this interesting quotation. See the printable page which contains both puzzles, or read the text here: 



‘DZNWY.’                        ---PNOU   TFLCPM   (1904-1977)

Cryptogram #2  - Fictional Christmas Characters

Fictional Christmas Characters - Printable Christmas Brain Teaser Cryptogram

Think about all the interesting fictional characters that are part of the Christmas season as you decode this list. Use the printable page, which contains both puzzles shown above, or work from the text shown here: 

  3.  UAL.   XBKQL
  4.  SNOW  SNU
  6.  SED   YANOXE
  9.  MKLEDA

You can get both of these Christmas cryptograms here.

Cryptogram Basics 

In any type of standard cryptogram puzzle, one letter of the alphabet is substituted with another letter. The same substitution is used throughout a single puzzle. 

When you're solving cryptograms, remember that if A = Z, it will always equal Z in that puzzle. But you should not assume that Z = A. It probably does not. Each of these puzzles uses a different code.

If you'd like more information, please read these cryptogram tips.

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Christmas stocking tricky word search puzzle

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You may also be interested in our Christmas bulletin board ideas.

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