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Phonics Games for Kids

Slip It In!

pencil, paper, game die

Phonics games for kids make learning to read, write and spell extra-fun! This game is especially easy to learn and easy to play. What could be better? Well...it's also very flexible, You can change the words or skill and use the same format again and again!

Slip It In - Game Instructions

We call this game "Slip It In" because students simply slip a vowel into a blank to try to spell a word. Kids will need to sound out the possibilities, as well as to read and write three-letter words. Here's the link you'll need and a peek at the printable page and our word cards. Instructions are also shown below. 

Printable Instructions & Word Cards

Phonics Games for Kids - "Slip It In" instructions
Phonics games for kids - Word card 1
Phonics games for kids - Word card 2

Skill: Building short-vowel words

Players: 2-3 players

Supplies: vowel/number chart, one standard die, set of word cards, paper and pencil for each player          

game chart

Preparation: Post or print a copy of the vowel/number chart for players to use.  Print a set of word cards. Cut the cards apart, stack and place face down on the table.

To Play:

1) Player 1 draws the top word card. He rolls the die and looks at the chart to find the vowel. If a real word can be spelled by slipping the vowel in to the blank on his word card, he writes that word on his paper. He keeps the card.

Example: Sam draws this card  

p _ g

and rolls a 2.  He can spell peg, so he writes that word on his paper.

2) If Player 1 cannot spell a word, he places the card on the bottom of the pile. He draws another card, rolls the die, and tries again to spell a word. If he cannot spell a word after two tries, his turn is over. 

3) Other players continue in the same manner.

4) The round ends when one player has spelled 10 words (or some other number) on his paper. That player is the winner of the round.

Note: This game is very flexible! Make your own word cards for longer words or long vowel words. Or, instead of slipping in vowels, rework the game so that players are slipping in consonant blends at the beginning of the words.

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