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Phonics Lesson Plans

student's hand, writing on his paper

These easy phonics lesson plans will give your students valuable practice in phonics, spelling and handwriting, with minimal work for you!

These ready-to-use sentence sets are great for both home schools and classrooms.

Easy Phonics Lesson Plans

Short Vowel Sounds

Copying exercises from the board encourages students to read carefully, to pay attention to details, and to follow directions.

After teaching short vowel sounds, write two or three of these sentences on the board. To give your students as much practice as possible, ask them to copy the entire sentence on their papers, completing the missing words.

If kids get "stuck" trying to figure out the correct word, remind them that all the words can be completed by a short vowel sounds, spelled with just one letter.

For your convenience, we also have a printable list of both sets of sentences.

red hat

1.  My d__d will wear his r__ d  h__t.

2.  C__n you f__ll this gl__ ss with water?

3.  His p__t  p__ g  sm__lls  b__d today.

4.  If you go  __p the h__ll, you w__ll see us.

hot dog with mustard

5.  Her j__b is to s__ll p__p and h__t  d__gs at the game.

6.  When I b__t  my l__p, I wanted a h__g from M__m.

7.  Will you c__t  this b__g   b__n for me, please?

8.  The k__d looked very s__lly wearing the p__nk w__g!

9.  L__t's look at the m__p before we go on the tr__p.

10.  If my h__n is the b__ggest, I might w__n a prize.

Long Vowel Sounds

Follow the same directions as above for these sentences with familiar long vowel sounds. Some of these have more difficult spellings. for example ight and vCe patterns.

flash light

1. It s__ __ms  I  m__de a mistake.

2. Pl__ ___ se  help me sl __ de  this tr _ y  under the large st __n e.

3.  The l __ __ __ t will help me to s __ __ in the dark.

4.  I would l__k __ to hear you sing a t__n _   before you go aw__ __.

5. Let's go h__m __  and w__ __t for our favorite show to come on.

two cute sheep

6. Did you dr__v __  into the r__ __ __ t  parking sp__c__?

7. It's a tr__ __ t to have the President come to our st__ t __.

8. Wh__  is  Sammy always so k__nd?

9. Thr__ __ and f__v _   will always equal  e __ __ __  t.

10. The farmer f__ __ ds  his sh __ __ p  twice  __ __ch day.

Short vowels - 1.  dad, red, hat   2. can, fill, glass  3. pet, pig, smells, bad 4. up, hill, will   5. job, sell, pop, hot, dogs  6. bit, lip, hugs, Mom  7.  cut, big, bun  8. kid, silly, pink, wig  9. Let's, map, trip  10. hen, biggest, win

Long vowels - 1. seems, made  2. Please, slide, tray, stone  3. light, see 4. like, tune, away  5. home, wait   6. drive, right, space  7. treat, state  8. Why, kind  9. three, five, eight  10. feeds, sheep, each

More Phonics Lesson Plans & Activities

You may also be interested in these popular phonics games, activities and worksheets that also feature long and short vowel sounds. Use the links at the bottom of the page to find our entire collections.

Picture Perfect - free phonics game

Picture This Phonic Game - We think your early learners will enjoy this activity featuring short vowel words. Which player can cover the most pictures?

Picture Perfect Game - More engaging pictures on this game board, featuring long vowel words. Fun for everyone!

Slip It In! - A great phonics game that kids can play over and over again. Our version features short vowel words, but you can adapt this game for other phonics skills as well.

big green tree

Rhyme Time  Two cute printables to give early learners practice in identifying rhyming words with short and long vowel sounds. 

Lots of Leaves!  - Students will discern long and short vowel phonics sounds as they complete this appealing page.

When planning phonics lesson plans, remember that sometimes the simplest activities work best!


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