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 Preschool Learning Games

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Our preschool learning games are fun, free and easy-to-use.  This game is a fun way to practice the alphabet and those all-important listening skills.  After you try this one, we think you'll be back for more of our games!

Who Wants It?

Skills: Initial consonant sounds, listening

Supplies: Index cards on which you've written the letters of the alphabet that you want to practice.

free ABC picture cards

To play:  
1. Distribute the cards randomly. If you have more students than letters to practice, pair students to work together on the same letter. 

2. Start by naming an object that begins with one of the letters in a sing-song that goes like this:

"I have a monkey. Who wants my monkey?
I have a monkey. Who wants my monkey?"

The child (or children) with the letter M stand ups and says,

"I want the monkey, I want the monkey.
I have an M, and I want the monkey!"

3. Continue in the same manner until you've covered all the letters you've given out.


group of happy preschool students, raising their hands

After you've played the game as described above, let the students participate more the next time. Here's how:

Write all the letters on the board that you've distributed. After you've done the sing-song for the first letter, erase it from the board. Ask the child who has the first letter to secretly select another letter from the board, think of an object and do the sing-song herself. 

Here are some possible letters and objects  to use. The rhythm of the activity works best with 2-syllable words.

  • b - balloon, bagpipe
  • f - feather, football
  • j - jelly, jungle
  • l - ladder, lemon
  • p - package, penguin
  • s - sister, sidewalk
  • v - village, valley
  • y - yo-yo, yogurt
  • d - daisy, diamond
  • h - hammer, hedgehog
  • k - kitten, kitchen
  • n - needle, neighbor
  • r - rabbit, robot
  • t - turtle, table
  • w - water, window
  • z - zebra, zipper

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the letters ABCD

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