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Spelling Bee Words List

This spelling bee words list contains very challenging words, like those used in topnotch spelling competitions! For an added learning experience, word meanings are also included here.

Spelling Bee Words List 

Here's a look at the printable page. You can also see the complete word list below. Don't miss the meanings! Look up the definition for any word on the list that you do not know. Then find that meaning in the list. Can you match every word to its meaning? Find the answers on the final page of the printable document. 

Printable Word List, Meanings and Answers

Spelling Bee Words List from www.spelling-words-well.com

Spelling Bee Words List:


























Pronunciations are included on the printable page.

Word Meanings

Spelling Bee Words Lists - Meanings, from www.spelling-words-well.com

Here are brief meanings for each of the words. Some words may have additional meanings or more complete meanings than the ones listed here. 

Can you match each spelling bee word to its correct meaning?

A) n. any fervently enthusiastic speech or writing

B) n. a temporary camp or shelter, sometimes military

C) adj. very softly, used as a direction in music

D. n. a foul substance made by decaying organic matter

E) v. to mislead, delude or beguile

F) adj. without enthusiasm or interest

G) n. a harsh combination of sounds

H) n. state of being dressed in a careless or sloppy manner

I) adj. recently arrived, created or developed

J) n. the inability to perform arithmetic problems

K) n. a serious disease caused by eating undercooked pork

L) n. dish of meat pieces stewed in a white sauce

M) n. a bulbous plant with showy yellow or white flowers

N) n. informally, a great quantity or amount; many; much

O) n. a salad dressing made with vinegar and oil

P) n. frequent unexcused absence from work or school

Q) n. agreement or consent by silence or without objection

R) v.to travel or journey, especially on foot

S) n. a record of descent traced from an ancestor

T) n. a Russian stringed instrument

U) n. an uproar or disruption

V) n. sleight of hand; skillful use of hands in magic tricks

W) the use of two languages

X) adj. having a color similar to red wine

Y) directed toward the center

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