1st Grade Reading Worksheets 

(with practice in spelling and writing, too!)

1st grade reading worksheets - young boys who are friendsIt's great when 1st grade reading worksheets can offer extra practice in spelling and writing skills, too. These worksheets do just that!

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, you can provide your youngsters with solid skill-building while they have fun!

You'll need to help the students with the directions the first time they complete the page.

Printable Worksheet

1st grade reading worksheets - Fun Day mad lib


1. Give the student the word list on the top half of the worksheet. Ask him to spell any word that fits the category.

2. Give the student the bottom half, or the story. Ask him to copy each word from his word list into the matching blank in the story.

3. Then ask the student to read his story to himself.

4. FInally, ask the student to read his story to you! If you're working with a large group of students, you may have to spread out the sharing time over the course of the day or week.

Additional activities

  • For extra writing practice, you may also want to ask the student to copy the entire story in his own handwriting.
  • Ask the student to add illustrations.
  • Now that the student has heard the story, give him a fresh copy of the story and ask him to fill in the blanks with new, even funnier words!

You can find another page with a similar format on this
first grade reading worksheet.

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