4th Grade Worksheets
& Spelling Puzzles

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These 4th grade worksheets with fill-in crossword puzzles provide excellent spelling practice for your students. Why? Because students must spell each word correctly in order to complete the puzzle.

Whether your students are working at home or at school, we think you'll agree that these spelling worksheets are a worthwhile learning activity!

We've used words primarily from our list of fourth grade spelling words in creating these worksheets.

4th Grade Worksheets

#1 - Tricky Word Endings Fill-In Puzzle

Printable version of puzzle with word list 
Answer key

4th grade worksheets - crossword diagram

Here's how these puzzles work:

Students must place each word from this word list into the puzzle. They'll use the number of the letters in each word, along with the letters that are already placed in the puzzle, as clues. 

Suggest that your students use pencils. While it looks like some words can go in more than one place in the puzzle, there is only one solution in which every word fits.

5-letter words

  • colors
  • honor
  • often

6-letter words

  • beggar
  • button
  • center
  • common
  • cotton
  • crayon
  • dinner
  • doctor
  • drawer
  • happen
  • mirror
  • season
  • soften

7-letter words

  • neither
  • whether
  • written

8-letter words

  • neighbor

#2   AL - EL - IL - LE Words Fill-In Puzzle

This puzzle works the same way. Fourth grade spelling practice can be fun!

Printable version of puzzle with word list
Answer key

5-letter words

  • apple
  • camel
  • final
  • loyal
  • medal
  • table
  • total
  • towel
  • uncle

6-letter words

  • animal
  • battle
  • bubble
  • gentle
  • middle
  • nickel
  • normal
  • pencil
  • simple

7-letter words

  • special

8-letter words

  • squirrel

Another benefit of using these fill-in crosswords? Students will know right away if they've completed the puzzles correctly, so you won't have to spend much time evaluating their work.

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