Second Grade Writing Worksheets

second grade writing - teacher helping girl at her deskHere's one of our favorite second grade writing worksheets. Why does this one work so well? Because we give students the framework for a great story and they "make it their own."

If you've ever asked students, of just about any age, to simply "write a story," the standard reply you'll receive is, "I don't know what to write about."

This worksheet takes care of that problem! This is an individualized mad-lib exercise, similar to those you may have played at a party. It's a fun way to ask students to read, spell and write.

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Here's a screen shot of part of the free second grade writing worksheet. The directions are underneath. You'll need to help the students with the directions the first time they complete the page.

Complete printable story

second grade writing - zoo story


1. Give the student the word list on the top half of the worksheet. Ask him to spell any word that fits the category.

2. Give the student the bottom the story on the bottom half. Ask him to copy each word from his word list into the matching blank in the story.

3. Then ask the student to read his story to himself.

4. FInally, ask the student to finish the story by writing 2-3 sentences on the back of the page. You can also ask the student to rewrite the complete story in his own handwriting and add illustrations. 

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