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Covid-19 Crossword Puzzle

This COVID-19 crossword will review ways you can protect you and your family from the spread of this disease. This disease is also known as the Coronavirus Disease 2019. If you've been paying attention to recent news reports, you're sure to do well on this puzzle!

Information for this puzzle came from various tabs at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html   Please visit this site for the latest information and announcements. 

COVID-19 Crossword

Printable page and Answers

COVID-19 Crossword puzzle


4.     An important warning sign of COVID-19 is difficulty _____ or shortness of breath.

6.     Do not shake _____.

8.     ____ your hands frequently.

11.   Handle food ______.

13.   Limit ___ sharing.

14.   If possible, open ___ to increase ventilation. 


1.     Avoid large _____ of people.

2.     Try not to touch your ____.

3.     Limit close contact with others, staying about ___ feet apart.

5.     Stay home if someone in your ____ is sick.

7.     Disinfect surfaces like tables, desks and ____ regularly.

9.     Stay ___ if you are feeling sick.

10.   Always cover your mouth when you ___ or sneeze.

11.   People with the COVID-19 virus sometimes feel pain or pressure in the ____.

12.   If someone in your family is ill, give them their own ___, if possible.

Remember to get the full printable page and answers. 

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