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Kindergarten Vocabulary List

Use our new kindergarten vocabulary list of 100 words to build your child's language skills. Talk about these words together. Does your child know the meaning of each one? Can you use each word in context if s/he does not?

Add these words to your everyday conversations, and soon your child will be consistently using these words, too!

Kindergarten Vocabulary List

Here's a peek at the printable page. The full version also appears below. 

Kindergarten Vocabulary List of 100 words from www.spelling-words-well.com

Remember, these are words that students in kindergarten should be comfortable in using orally. They may not be able to read and write them at first. But you can help them work on those skills, too!  Does your child already know some of these words? That's great! Have fun using the words frequently in family discussions.

Smiling green cartoony frog

Animals:  cat, dog, horse, cow, bird, fish, butterfly, spider, frog,   lion, tiger, bear, elephant, kangaroo

Seasons:  spring, summer, autumn, winter     

Weather:  chilly, warm, snowy, stormy, sunny, cloudy, windy, weather

Foods:  milk, juice, water, bread, cereal, pizza, sandwich, apples, bananas, carrots, eggs, veggies (or vegetables)

Family on a fun car ride!

Family: mom, dad, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, aunt,  uncle, cousin   

Feelings: happy, gloomy, sleepy, patient, hopeful, quiet, worried, grouchy, delighted, proud  

Other adjectives: delicious, bumpy, fluffy, polite, helpful, gentle, careful, healthy, sparkly, frozen  

Shapes: round, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval      

Calendar: day, week, month, year, yesterday, tomorrow 

Artist painting a large mural on a wall

Community helpers: artist, teacher, farmer, doctor, firefighter, musician

Outdoors:  playground, park, highway, countryside, beach, pond, ocean, mountain

Clothing: shirt, pants, skirt, shoes, socks, jacket, mittens

Do you want MORE words?

Of course, this is not a complete kindergarten vocabulary list! Be sure your student is also familiar with a wide variety of colors and color words. It's not too early to teach your child to spell and write number words, either!

If your child is at the very beginning of language learning, be sure to teach these preprimer and primer sight words

Extension Activities

Smiling animated pencil

Copy one word on a piece of lined paper. Then, ask your child to do one or more of these things:

  • Write the word again three times
  • Draw a picture for the word
  • Cut the letters that spell the word from a newspaper or magazine, and glue the letters onto the page
  • Type the word into in a message on your phone
  • Think of a word that rhymes with your word. Write a poem using both words

More Kindergarten Resources

Try some of these preschool and Kindergarten learning games with your favorite youngster(s)! When learning is fun, learning is easier. You'll find letter matching games and ABC games, as well as more challenging activities for this age group. 

Phonemic awareness game, Letter Lanes, helps kids to identify initial sounds, from www.spelling-words-well.com

Letter Lane  A phomenic awareness board game that features beginning consonant sounds for the letters b, d, f and m. No reading is necessary. 

A Pickle or a Tickle  Fun game for young children! Your students will need to listen carefully to initial consonant sounds as they play these entertaining games.

Kindergarten Worksheets

Worksheet for Kindergarten, featuring the UG family, from www.spelling-words-well.com

The Bugs   If your kids like the BUG on this page, they're sure to LOVE the BUGS on this word family worksheet! One bug dug in the mud. Another bug drinks from a mug on the rug. Learning IS fun!

The Big Pigs   This whimsical page features a muddy pig with a wig, and pig that does a jig.  What a fun way to learn the IG family of words! All types of activities, including games and worksheets, will help to reinforce the words on this kindergarten vocabulary list, and your child's vocabulary in general!

Find lots more Kindergarten Worksheets on our website!

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Author Ann Richmond Fisher

Ann Richmond Fisher is a longtime published educational writer, a former classroom teacher and a former homeschool teacher. Ann's spelling bee resources, graded spelling word lists, spelling games, worksheets, and other language arts resources have become respected around the globe since she launched Spelling-Words-Well in 2010.

Ann is also the creator of www.word-game-world.com.

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