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5th Grade  Vocabulary List

Use this 5th grade vocabulary list to enrich your students' learning, as well as their written and spoken language skills. Words appear in ten categories that students will use and refer back to frequently throughout their fifth grade year.

5th Grade Vocabulary List

Here's a peek at the printable page. The full version also appears below. 

5th Grade Vocabulary Word List of 100 Words from www.spelling-words-well.com

Remember, these are words that students in fifth grade should be comfortable using orally.  As students become more comfortable in using them orally, expect them to use the words in their written work as well. Use the words frequently in home or classroom discussions. Write the words on the fridge or on the board to encourage their usage. 

child underwater wearing a snorkeling maskSnorkeling

Sports: racquetball, croquet, snowboarding, slalom, curling, triathlon, archery, rugby, volleyball, snorkeling

Places: canal, canyon, isthmus, plateau, tundra, terraces, savanna, quarry, oasis, megalopolis

Social Studies: constitution, amendment, republic, province, naturalize, commerce, monopoly, longitude, latitude, atomic energy

Science: barometer, satellite, marsupial, plankton, wetland, deforestation, pulley, instinct, stimulus, response

Math: divisibility, congruent, axis, coordinate, probability, simplifying, rhombus, trapezoid, vertex, metric

A cartoony beaver with extremely large teeth chomping on a log with the caption, Chomp!

Adjectives: heroic, legible, hilarious, equivalent, significant, vertical, horizontal, hostile, scarce, edible                             

Verbs: chomp, accomplish, investigate, hesitate, huddle, tremble, nudge, identify, cherish, affirm

Adverbs: curiously, merrily, anxiously, punctually, awkwardly, diligently, fervently, quizzically, jubilantly, victoriously

papaya, cut open, revealing its black seedsPapaya

People: archaeologist, cartographer, descendant, software engineer, diplomat, paralegal, geologist, electrician, historian, pioneer

Fruits: kiwi, mangoes, apricot, passionfruit, nectarine, avocados, coconut, kumquat, pomegranate, papaya

Extension Activities

Smiling animated pencil

Choose from these extension activities to give your child/students extra practice using words from the 5th grade vocabulary list. Add more activities of your own. 

1) Find one pair of adjectives on the list with opposite meanings. Can you find another pair of words from a different category with similar meanings? How are the word pairs alike? How are they different?

2) Research the jobs of a diplomat, a cartographer and a geologist to find out what each one does, if you don't know already. Write a few sentences about which career you would choose of these three, and why. 

3) Write a sentence or two about some of these topics:

  • Do you know if you are the descendant of a famous person? If so, whom? Why is this interesting to you?
  • Which is your favorite fruit on the list, and why? 
  • Suppose you had 9 cards each numbered from 1 to 9. If you randomly select one card with your eyes closed, is there a greater probability of selecting an odd-numbered card or an even-numbered card? Why?
  • What amendment would you like to add to the U.S. Constitution? Why?
  • Write a few sentences about your first time trying the slalom. Your sentences can be fiction or non-fiction.
  • Write about a time that your or someone you know acted in an heroic manner. 

4) Work with a partner or family helper to write a one-page article about your favorite marsupial. Draw a picture to go with your article. 

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